Filing a Complaint against Scammers

Got scammed? You’re not the first or last person to get trapped. Learn how to report fraud, scam, identity theft, and more with FraudTrac.


How to Report a Fraud/Scam?

Filing a complaint involves multiple steps. We’d appreciate it if you could share specific details about the crime when you report the fraud.  The more information we have, the easier it becomes to catch the bad guys.

You’ll be asked to: 

  1. Tell us how you got cheated online/offline.
  2. Share your contact information (i.e. name, contact number, address, and email address)
  3. Answer questions related to the type of product (or service) you were using.
  4. Give details about the company or vendor that scammed you. The information must cover the basis (i.e. company name, contact number, website, address, email id, and sales representative’s name)
  5. Disclose essential details about the financial transaction (i.e. paid amount, date of the transaction, and payment method).

What Type of Frauds Can You Report?

FraudTrac serves as an online database that collects and shares information regarding bad business practices, online/offline scams, and malicious cybercrimes.  We might not have the power to resolve these issues, but we can support the fight against fraud.

We raise awareness amongst the consumer community and offering educational resources.

At present, we accept reports related to:

  • Identity theft
  • Telemarketing scams
  • Credit scams
  • Cybercrimes (i.e. hacking, phishing, misuse of personal information)
  • Security breaches
  • Credit scams
  • Fake sweepstakes, lotteries, and prizes
  • Misleading business opportunities and remote business schemes
  • Doorstep and mailing fraud
  • Phone scams
  • Unauthorized debt collection, credit reports, and financial requests

& any other malicious activities where the other party misused your personal information and finances.

Benefits of Filing a Complaint

Filing complaints might seem like a tedious task. Yet, it can help hundreds of innocent individuals who may become a victim of another scamming schedule.

If a business or solo vendor has ripped you off, misled you, or misused your identity, you must file a complaint immediately. Your reports can help us identify wrongdoers and protect hundreds of potential victims within the community.

Every complaint you file creates a ripple effect. We come one step closer to shutting down illegal business scams and con artists.


How Can FraudTrac Help?

Here’s how we plan to assist you:

  • We Investigate.

All reports get investigated to ensure that they come from a viable and reliable source. It also makes it easier for us to identify recurring misdemeanors and patterns within the state.

  • We Coordinate.

Whenever required, we shall coordinate with local authorities to fight against fraud and malicious activities.

  • We Educate.

Our informative resources shall teach you how to protect yourself against fraud and malicious schemes.  We also share guides on the steps you will have to take in the aftermath of a crime.

  • We Raise Awareness.

The team will keep everyone informed via high alerts and notifications. That way, you can avoid becoming victimized by a known offender.

Together, we can put an end to fraud and scams.
Contact us today for further details.