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Colorado is amongst the top twenty states that are dealing with a financial crisis. COVID fraud schemes, unemployment scams, and cybercrimes are prevailing in the mountain state. Constant vigilance has become a necessity to fight off these sneaky criminals. We present an online directory for Colorado that rates businesses, report scams, and tracks malicious behavior.

Quick Facts about Colorado:

Colorado is one of the most extensive US states. Its neighboring states include Wyoming, Kansas, Utah, and New Mexico in the north, east, west, and south, respectively. In addition, it borders the Four Corner states through its shared border with Arizona.  Its diverse topography and mountainous landscape make it a popular tourist attraction for trekkers and nature enthusiasts.

An overview of Colorado crime statistics:

  • Population: 5,758,736
  • Largest City: Denver
  • Fraud Rates: The government reported approximately 1591 frauds in the past year.
  • Identity Theft: There were over 6,272 identity thefts reported in 2019.
  • Cybercrime: 1,848 cybercrime complaints got filed in 2019.


How Can You Support the State?

The rising cybercrime and fraud scams in Colorado have compelled us to take the initiative against illegal activities. Our online database is designed to report and flag unauthorized businesses operating in the state. We conduct private investigations and also collaborate with local authorities to fight against fraud.

You can use this space to report crimes and write business reviews to direct attention towards genuine service providers.

File a complaint to report:

  • Online/offline frauds & scams
  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Cyberattacks and malware threats

& other forms of dishonest conduct for financial gain

Your efforts can save innocent victims from getting entrapped by fraudsters.

Local service providers and corporations can also enlist on our online business directory for Colorado.  Your registrations will enable users to keep track of credible businesses in the area, keeping their transactions safe.

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