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The Pelican State has a relatively low identity theft rate compared to other US states. However, this does not mean that you don’t remain vigilant and report any suspicious, unlawful activity, fraud, identity theft, or cybercrime in your area.

With FraudTrac, you can file a complaint against fraud/cybercrimes and write business reviews to support your state, and help us track illegal activities with our interactive online business directory for Louisiana.

Quick Facts about Louisiana

Located in the Gulf Coast (Deep South) region of the South-Central US, Louisiana is the 19th smallest and the 25th most populous state in the country. The Pelican State shares its borders with Arkansas in the north, Texas in the west, and Mississippi in the east. On its south, it’s bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. Even though it’s a relatively smaller US state, Louisiana is family populated, which gives scammer innumerable opportunities to target its unsuspecting citizens.

Here’s an overview of the state’s crime statistics:

  • Population: 4,627,000
  • Largest City: New Orleans
  • Fraud Rates: 732 reported cases of consumer fraud in 2020.
  • Identity Theft: 473 complaints against identity theft were filed in Louisiana last year per 100,000 citizens.
  • Cybercrime: 1,103 identified cybercrimes that cost the state $24,214,439.


Reporting Fraud/Cybercrimes

The increasing cybercrime losses and fraud scams in Louisiana make it essential for locals and tourists alike to ensure their security. Use FraudTrac to file a complaint against scammers and write business reviews based on your unique experience.

We use our collective data to blacklist unauthorized enterprises, provide real-time alerts, and collaborate with local authorities to perform comprehensive investigations.

You can use FraudTrac to report:

  • Security risks and Identity theft
  • Online/Offline frauds & scams
  • Cybercrimes

Your proactive approach can protect thousands of Louisiana citizens and tourists as they steer clear of dishonest vendors.

Moreover, we have an online business directory for Louisiana that local businesses can use to maximize their credibility and visibility amongst the state locals.

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