The map of South Dakota

Mount Rushmore State is dotted with breathtaking scenery and national parks. Its natural landscapes preserve its natural beauty. The topography has resulted in a low population which indirectly leads to lower crime rates. Our online business directory for South Dakota tracks and lists suspicious activities via a statewide database. Users are encouraged to file a complaint or write business reviews to minimize crime rates. Let’s fight against fraud!

Quick Facts about South Dakota:

South Dakota is located in the Upper Midwest region. It’s predominantly populated by Native American tribes in certain historical territories. South Dakota is the 17th largest state and the 5th densely populated U.S state in the country. Neighboring states include North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

The Missouri River flows across the middle of the state, diving it into two halves, East River and West River.

A cursory glance at state crime stats:

  1. Population:884,659
  2. Largest City:Sioux Falls
  3. Fraud Rates:An estimated 100 COVID-related frauds were investigated in 2020.i
  4. Identity Theft:Only 72 identity theft complaints were filed in 2019.iii
  5. Cybercrime:133 cybercrimes reported in recent years.iii

Fighting Fraud/Cybercrimes

South Dakota is a low-risk state because of the lack of infrastructure and network accessibility in a significant region. Yet, some commercial areas are still exposed to sinister criminal activities and cyberattacks.

Our online business directory for South Dakota tracks and monitors statewide scam rates and illegal schemes. Users are encouraged to write business reviews and report fraudulent crimes. That way, we can collect enough evidence to support your complaints and notify the local authorities.

You can file a complaint against:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Cybercrimes & cyber attacks & unauthorized behavior

Besides this, local businesses can use our database to register themselves online and promote consumer reviews. That way, they can increase credibility and respond to complaints in real-time.

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