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Our updated business directory for New Mexico offers equal business opportunities to genuine vendors and suppliers. Consumers can use it to write business reviews and file a complaint whenever they try something new.

The updated database helps you (and the local authorities) to identify repeated offenders and stop crime rates from increasing.

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Quick Facts about New Mexico:

Located in the Southwestern region, New Mexico is the fifth-largest state and the sixth least populated US state. The Land of Enchantment shares borders with Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. They form the Four Corner region due to their intersecting point.  Other neighboring states include Texas and Oklahoma in the south-east and northeast, respectively, with Mexican states (i.e. Sonora and Chihuahua) in the south.

A quick overview of state statistics:

  • Population: 2,096,829
  • Largest City: Albuquerque
  • Fraud Rates: Around 453 COVID-related scams were reported last year.
  • Identity Thefts: Approximately 165 complaints were filed against identity thefts in 2020.
  • Cybercrime: The local authorities investigated around 943cybercrimes in the last few years.



Fight Fraud & Cybercrimes

The last few years have led to an uptick in crime rates within the state. Local residents and tourists are advised to file a complaint when something suspicious occurs during transactions. You can also write business reviews to promote vendors and suppliers that maintain quality standards.

We use this information to conduct investigations and collaborate with local authorities whenever required.

Use our online directory for New Mexico to report:

  • Frauds and scams (in-person and online)
  • Identify theft reports and misuse of information
  • Cybercrimes and malware attacks (i.e. phishing and hacking)

& other misdemeanors

Apart from this, local businesses are encouraged to join our fight against fraud by becoming registered businesses. The verification can improve credibility and brand awareness.

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