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Millions of cyber attacks and internet scams are reported to the local authorities each year. Your due diligence and actionable cybercrime prevention tips can help you steer clear of these situations.

If something sinister does happen, you can use our online database to file a complaint against the perpetrator.  Go through our tips and tricks to learn how we support the fight against fraud online and offline.


Tracking Online Frauds, Scams, and Cybercrimes

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to become an IT expert to avoid online crimes (i.e. phishing, hacking, sweepstake scams, identity theft and others). The key to cybercrime prevention lies in practical tips. Adopting a few good online habits can limit your contact with the wrong type of people and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

Here are a few safety tips and tricks to follow:

  • Set Secure Passwords

Use unrelated words, numbers, and capitalizations to set secure passwords (e.g. GardenWest25). Also, ensure that your online accounts have a different password. It will prevent all of them from becoming compromised during an attack.

  • Update Your Device

Ensure your all smart devices have updated antivirus software and firewall system.

  • Keep Online Interactions Short and Sweet

Avoid sharing personal information (i.e. contact number, address, and other sensitive details) with strangers/online acquaintances. The same rules apply to social media interactions and those done by business representatives (unless stated otherwise).

  • Safe Browsing

Only visit legal/authorized websites (https ://) for browsing.  Recheck and confirm domains before clicking a new website link.

  • Online Transactions

Ensure that all online transactions occur through safe and trusted sources.

  • Emails & Sweepstake Scams

Don’t open files and emails sent from unknown sources.

Apart from this, regularly back up your data to prevent it from getting stolen/lost in the long run.

How to Report Cybercrimes?

There are three simple steps you can follow:



Share your story

Tell us how you got conned online.



Provide contact information

File the form by giving required details (i.e. name, contact number, address, and email address).



Talk to our representative

to help us collect relevant information about the incident.

If possible, include material evidence to support your case (i.e. screenshots of the transaction and associated details).


Fight against Fraud: Report Cybercrimes & Malicious Activity

If you are being subjected to an ongoing cyber attack or suspect that you have been defrauded/scammed/hacked, file a complaint at FraudTrac. Our dedicated IT support team will investigate the situation and offer practical advice on how to resolve the issue.

Here’s a sneak peek preview of our services:

  • The team offers unconditional support to assist vulnerable victims
  • Our interactive platform raises awareness about rapidly increasing online scams in the area and offers cybercrime prevention tips
  • Users will receive real-time updates and information about current and past investigations
  • We collaborate with local authorities and investigation services to stop fraudulent activities

On the whole, we work towards building a safe and secure future where consumers can browse and shop online freely without facing financial losses or security breaches.

Join our fight against fraud today.
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