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The number of fraud and cybercrimes reported in Alabama has doubled post-pandemic. Scammers exploit vulnerable people through misleading emails, phishing scams, identity threats, and phony text messages. Join us in fighting fraud by filing complaints, promoting local businesses, and raising awareness about the situation.

Quick Facts about Alabama:

Alabama is located in the Southeastern region of America. It’s sandwiched between Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Mexico. It is the 30th largest state and the 24th most populated area in the U.S.  The recent rise in fraud, scams, and cybercrime has cost millions of dollars,

Here are some stats to highlight the situation:

  • Population: 903 million
  • Largest City: Birmingham
  • Fraud Rates: It ranked 19th in a survey for the highest number of identity theft and fraud cases reported in America.
  • Identity Theft: 1,195 identity theft reports for every 100,000 residents got filed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That makes it the 5th state with the highest identity theft reports in the U.S.
  • Security Breaches: There have been more than 11,762 data breaches in the last decade

Take Action Against Fraud/Online Scams

How to stop fraud in Alabama?

Whether you are a resident or tourist, you must raise awareness against local fraud schemes, scams, and cybercrimes. Use our interactive platform to file a complaint against local scammers and con artists.  You can do this by filing a complaint or writing business reviews to share your positive and negative experiences with Alabama businesses.

Use our platform to report:

  • Frauds & scams
  • Identity theft
  • Cyberattacks

& other malicious activities

We shall follow-up by investigating the reported crime and coordinating with local authorities. We also share educational resources and send alerts to keep the users updated.

Local businesses and vendors can register themselves into our online business directory for Alabama. Your due diligence helps us to create a safe and secure environment for financial and retail transactions within the state.

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