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Indiana’s residents have to deal with all sorts of identity theft crimes, cybercrimes, and fraudulent activities. The state continues to suffer millions in cybercrimes. This is where FraudTrac can help the state. Our scam watch will notify users of ongoing suspicious activity and prevents professional scammers from taking advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Write business reviews or file a complaint to support our efforts to keep these unlawful activities at bay. If you are a local business, you can register in our online business directory for Delaware to gain authority and positive publicity during these testing times.

Quick Facts about Indiana

Divided into 92 counties, The Hoosier State is the 38th largest and the 17th most populous state in America. It’s located in the East-North-Central (Midwest and Great Lakes) region of the United States. It’s bordered by Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan. Even though its cybercrime rate isn’t as high as some other states, the state has incurred whopping losses in cybercrime and a spike in identity thefts as well.

Here’s a preview of its fraud/cybercrime rates:

  • Population: 6,805,660
  • Largest City: Indianapolis
  • Fraud Rates: 660 reports of consumer fraud were filed in Indiana per 100,000 of the population.
  • Identity Theft: 17,306 complaints against identity theft were filed in the state.
  • Cybercrime: It has the 28th highest cybercrime rate in the US, with 1,933 reported instances of cybercrimes that incurred $24,030,998 in losses.


Report Fraud/Cybercrimes

Despite its relatively smaller size, Indiana sees an increase in its cybercrime losses every year. This is where FraudTrac can help you and the state. Our online business directory for Indiana contains all the credible and licensed vendors and service providers in the state. It helps prevent fraudsters and scammers from threatening and duping the locals.

However, we need your due diligence and support to make Indiana state safe for all of us. Utilize our interactive platform to write business reviews and file complaints against shady businesses and sham organizations.

You can file a complaint against:

  • Identity thefts and abuse of personal details
  • Online/offline frauds and scams
  • Cybercrimes and other illegal activity

Once we receive your complaint, our experts will conduct a detailed investigation and notify you of any potential threats. We will also collaborate with local authorities to monitor suspicious activities and identify unauthorized businesses in the state.

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