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Even though Kentucky is relatively safer when it comes to identity theft, the Bluegrass State continues to register many consumer fraud and cybercrime cases. Kentucky locals and tourists should remain vigilant of scammers and any fraudulent activity in their area. Use our business directory for Kentucky to stay updated on all licensed and credible businesses in the state.

Quick Facts about Kentucky

Located in the East-South-Central region of the Southern US, Kentucky is the 37th largest and the 26th most populous state in the country. This landlocked state is bordered by Virginia and West Virginia in the east and northeast, Missouri in the west, Tennessee in the south, Indiana and Ohio in the north, and Illinois in the northwest. Kentucky is a relatively safer US state, but it still suffers from cybercrime incidents and fraudulent activities.

Here’s a preview of Kentucky’s fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime rates:

  • Population: 4,480,710
  • Largest City: Louisville
  • Fraud Rates: Kentucky saw 658 reported cases of consumer fraud per 100,000 state citizens.
  • Identity Theft: The state saw only 127 reported cases of identity theft for every 100,000 residents.
  • Cybercrime: Around 789 cybercrimes were registered in Kentucky, which led to the state losing $17,014,895.


Fighting Against Fraud/Cybercrimes

FraudTrac urges the locals in Kentucky and any tourists visiting the state to join hands with us in our fight against unlawful, fraudulent activity. Practice constant vigilance and utilize our platform to file a complaint and report fraudulent schemes, identity thefts, and cybercrimes. Additionally, you can write business reviews for local enterprises and service providers to ensure utmost statewide safety against fraud.

Here’s an overview of the crimes you can report to us:

  • Online/offline frauds and scams
  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Cybercrimes, such as phishing scams and more

FraudTrac experts collaborate with local authorities to investigate reported crimes and put a stop to scams and frauds. If you use our platform to report a crime, we will follow up on your complaint and put an end to the unlawful activity. We also send safety alerts to our consumers to keep them safe from the clutches of sham businesses.

Moreover, our business directory for Kentucky keeps track of all reliable, licensed corporations and service providers within the Bluegrass State. Use our data to safeguard yourself against potential scams and scammers.

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