Aerial view of Hawaii

The Aloha State has relatively low cybercrime activity compared to other states. This, however, does not stop con artists from scamming locals and tourists during peak travel seasons.

FraudTrac aims to track illegal activities with its interactive online business directory for Hawaii. Use this virtual space to file a complaint against fraud/cyberattacks and write business reviews to support the state.

Quick Facts about Hawaii:

The Paradise of Pacific covers approximately 1,500 miles and has 137 volcanic islands. Amongst the fifty US states, it’s the eighth-smallest in area and has a fairly low population. The main eight islands (i.e. Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, Niihau, Kahoolawe, and Molokai) attract attention from scammers and con artists due to their active tourism industry.

An overview of state crime statistics:

  • Population: 1,415,872
  • Largest City: Honolulu
  • Fraud Rates: More than 629 people lost thousands of dollars in a Coronavirus scam.
  • Identity Theft: Over 1,347 complaints against identity theft make it the 33rd unsafe state in the country.
  • Cybercrime: 547 identified cybercrimes in 2019.




Reporting Fraud/Cybercrimes

The increasing cybercrime rates and fraud scams in Hawaii make it necessary for locals and tourists to stand for their rights and justice. Use FraudTrac to file a complaint and write business reviews based on your experience.

We use the collective data to blacklist unauthorized businesses, share real-time alerts, and coordinate with local authorities during the investigation.

Use FraudTrac to report:

  • Online/Offline frauds & scams
  • Security risks and Identity theft
  • Cybercrimes

& illegal activities

Your stories can protect thousands as they steer clear of suspicious activities and dishonest vendors.

Additionally, we have an online business directory for Hawaii. Local businesses can use this platform to maximize credibility and visibility amongst the general public.

Fight Fraud with FraudTrac.

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