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As of 2020, The Bay State has secured the sixth spot in being one of the top ten states with identity theft issues. The increase in crime rates and cybercrime activities has caused many delays in standard operations. Authorities work diligently to bring things back on track and FraudTrac is here to lend a hand.

Our online business directory for Massachusetts and interactive fraud trackers enables users to write business reviews and file complaints. Residents and travelers are encouraged to use the platform to share essential information and gain hands-on advice on dealing with scams.

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Quick Facts about Massachusetts:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is located in the New England region of the US. It’s one of the most populated areas within that district.  Its neighboring states include New York (in the west), Connecticut and Rhode Island (in the south), Vermont, and New Hampshire (in the north). The eastern border is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

A quick glance at the state’s statistics on fraud and crime:  

  • Population: 6,892,503
  • Largest City: Boston
  • Fraud Rates: Around 4799 COVID-related fraud cases in Massachusetts.
  • Identity Theft: An estimated 45,575 complaints were against identity theft in 2019.
  • Cybercrime: Approximately 1,480cybercrimes were reported in 2019 with a loss of $ $84,173,754 that left thousands devastated.




Preventing Fraud/Cybercrimes in Massachusetts

Cybercrimes and fraud scams are swiftly increasing in the Old Colony State. Our online business directory for Massachusetts notifies the general public about ongoing threats and other valuable information.

You can also write business reviews about local businesses and file a complaint against scammers. We strive to investigate these issues and collaborate with local authorities whenever required. Our dual efforts help shutdown hackers, miscreants, and scammers.

You can use our online platform to report:

  • Frauds & scams both online and offline
  • Identity thefts and misuse of personal information
  • Cyberattacks and malicious activities

& other types of scams

Your active response and contribution can support the state in preventing scams.

Apart from this, we encourage local vendors and suppliers to register their business.  That way, you can improve credibility and authority within the industry.

Support the state with FraudTrac to eliminate fraud and cybercrime.

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