The Flag of Wisconsin

The Badger State continues to experience cybercrimes, consumer fraud, and identity theft cases. If you want to put a stop to such illegal and duplicitous activities in your state, join FraudTrac’s interactive platform.File a complaint against shady businesses operating in your state and take a look at our online business directory for Wisconsin to keep track of legitimate businesses and sham enterprises. Use our real-time updates to protect yourself and fellow Wisconsin residents from fraudsters. Write business reviews to inform people about your experience with the local service providers.Join us in our fight against fraud and make your state safe.

Quick Facts about Wisconsin

Wisconsin is located in the East North Central region of the US. Divided into 72 counties, it’s the 23rd largest and the 20th most populous state in the country. The state of Wisconsin has four neighboring states. It’s bordered by Minnesota in the west, Illinois in the south, Michigan in the northeast, and Iowa in the southwest. It also shares a border with Lake Superior in the north.

Here’s an overview of Wisconsin’s crime stats:

  1. Population:5,852,490
  2. Largest City:Milwaukee
  3. Fraud Rates:674 cases of consumer fraud were filed per 100,000 citizens in 2020.i
  4. Identity Theft:154 identity theft complaints were filed per 100,000 Wisconsin residents in 2020.ii
  5. Cybercrime:The state suffered $21,576,109 due to 933 cybercrimes in 2019.iii

Fighting Fraud/Cybercrimes

Even though Wisconsin is faring relatively better in terms of crime rate when compared to some other US states, it is still vulnerable to cybercriminals and fraudsters. It has one of the oldest and largest internet presences in the US due to its massive network of state universities and private colleges, making it a cybercriminal’s comfort zone.

So, how can you serve your state and safeguard it against criminal activity?

Join FraudTrac’s interactive platform. We serve the general public by offering an online business directory for Wisconsin where you can find all legitimate local businesses. We also offer real-time updates to our users to protect them from sham businesses.

We encourage you to remain vigilant and file a complaint against any shady business you come across in Wisconsin. It will help us protect you and other locals and tourists from such organizations.

Use our website to report:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity theft and misuse of personal details
  • Cybercrimes & cyber attacks & other illegal activities

Based on your complaints, we will investigate the organizations and involve local authorities to apprehend fraudsters and scammer when needed. We also urge you to write business reviews and share feedback about your experience with local businesses to better inform the public about them.

Additionally, we request all local vendors and suppliers to become registered businesses on our extensive database. It will help them establish their credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of our consumers.

Are you ready to collaborate with FraudTrac to safeguard your state against criminal activities?

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