Flag of the state of Ohio

Although Ohio has a low-average median household income and subpar internet access statistics, it has still managed to rank pretty high on the list of states that suffer the most from cybercrimes. The Buckeye State’s residents continue to suffer at the hands of fraud consumers and cybercriminals.

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Quick Facts about Ohio

Ohio is located on the northeastern corner of the Midwest region of the US. Divided into 89 counties, Ohio is the 34th largest and the 7th most populous state in the country. Also known as the Gateway to the Midwest, Ohio is bounded by Lake Erie in the north and bordered by Pennsylvania in the east, Indiana in the west, Michigan in the northwest, West Virginia and the Ohio River in the southeast, and Kentucky in the southwest.

Here’s a preview of Ohio’s fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime rates:

  • Population: 11,714,600
  • Largest City: Columbus
  • Fraud Rates: Ohio experienced 760 cases of consumer fraud per 100,000 citizens in 2020.
  • Identity Theft: Last year, the state reported 222 cases of identity theft per 100,000 residents.
  • Cybercrime: The state’s citizens experienced a loss of $264,663,456 due to 2,506 reported cases of cybercrimes, making Oregon the 3rd most-affected state.

Fighting Against Fraud/Cybercrimes

Even though Ohio doesn’t have a lot of land area, it is densely populated, which means that scammers and cybercriminals have more potential victims to target. It might also be why Ohio has one of the worst track records in cybercrimes, with its residents losing millions of dollars to malicious criminals.

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All we require from you is constant vigilance. If you see any suspicious, unlawful, and deceitful enterprise operating in Ohio, make sure to file a complaint against it.

File a report against:

  • Online/offline frauds and scams
  • Cybercrimes
  • Identity theft and security breaches

FraudTrac experts will meticulously investigate every complaint and collaborate with local authorities if necessary to bring sham enterprises to justice. Additionally, we urge you to use our platform to write business reviews for local service providers and enterprises so that every resident and tourist remains aware of legitimate organizations in the area while filtering sham businesses.

Moreover, our business directory for Ohio keeps track of all honest, licensed organizations and service providers within the Buckeye State. Use our data to protect yourself against potential scammers and deceitful parties.

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