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Crime statistics indicate that Washington has a high rate of cybercrimes and identity threats. Consumer fraud cases in the state are also rising at an alarming rate. An effective way for you to safeguard your state against such crimes is to join hands with FraudTrac.We have created a fully integrated business directory for Washington to maximize social awareness about legitimate and illegitimate local businesses. You can use our unique platform and extensive database to receive real-time alerts, write a business review, and file a complaint against sham enterprises.You have the power to help us fight fraudulent activity, one complaint at a time.

Quick Facts about Washington

Washington falls in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. It’s the 18th largest and the 13th most populous state in the country. It’s bordered by Idaho in the east, Oregon in the south, and the Canadian province of British Columbia in the north. It shares its western border with the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s an overview of Washington’s crime statistics:

  1. Population:7,796,940
  2. Largest City:Seattle
  3. Fraud Rates:857 reported cases of consumer fraud per 100,000 citizens in 2020.i
  4. Identity Theft:712 complaints of identity theft per 100,000 residents in 2020, making it the 5th state with the highest number of recorded identity theft cases.ii
  5. Cybercrime:Lost $71,286,037 in 3,317 reported cybercrime cases in 2019, making it the 10th state most affected by cybercrime.iii

Fighting Scams/Cybercrimes

The statewide crime statistics for Washington reveal that the state continues to suffer from rampant cybercrimes and identity theft cases. The number of consumer fraud cases in the Evergreen State is also alarmingly high.

So, how can you help us put an end to the widespread crime in your state?

The key lies in practicing constant vigilance and helping us monitor these activities so that we can put an end to existing scams in your state.

Our online business directory for Washington allows you to write business reviews and create a database for complaints and investigation requests against illegitimate organizations. Your active participation in protecting your state can enable you to warn innocent prospective victims of local scammers.

Use our interactive platform to file a complaint against:

  • Online/offline frauds & scams
  • Cybercrimes & malware threats
  • Identity theft and security breaches

When you file complaints, you essentially flag businesses for duplicitous activities. We look into those activities and also collaborate with local authorities to take down any potential threats if needed. Together, with your help, it allows us to make your state a better, safer place for its residents and visitors.

If you are a local business or supplier, you can join our platform by registering your enterprise in our Washington business database. It will help you establish your legitimacy in the eyes of our platform users and also allow you to broaden your reach.

Are you ready to support the state with FraudTrac?

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