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It does not matter where you live, shop, and travel. Fraudsters and cybercriminals have a way of catching us whenever we drop our guard.

Join our growing community of scam watchers, reporters, and anti-fraud consumers.  Together we support the state by keeping a close eye on everything and anything suspicious in our vicinity.


What We Do

We are an interactive online fraud tracker ‘made by the people for the people’. We perceive the consumer market from your perspective. That ensures that companies and supervisors are not misusing their power.

Our platform promotes safer consumer activity through proactive efforts to report scams and review local businesses. We also accept reports related to cybercrimes (i.e. phishing, hacking, identity thefts, and public persona).  User-submitted reports are reviewed and investigated for further verification.

Apart from this, we promote social awareness surrounding recent updates in cybersecurity, industry insights, and easy-to-follow guides. That way, you have adequate knowledge to spot and stop criminals from scamming you.

Use our fraud tracking services to report scams, search for known offenders, and track ongoing investigations whenever you want.

Our Services

24/7 fraud reporting and tracking services

We aim to increase public awareness about online and in-person frauds prevailing in the country. Our virtual fraud tracker collects data concerning cybercrime activities, phone scams, mailing fraud, and door-to-door scammers.

Here’s a cursory glance at our fraud/cybercrime monitoring services:

  1. Investigating Services

Fact-checking and research are an essential part of our fraud tracking service. Once we receive complaints against businesses/or practitioners, we investigate the matter. We do this to ensure that it’s a genuine complaint originating from a reliable source.

Our thorough report analysis enables us to connect recurring patterns within the vicinity and identify threats faster.

  1. Coordination with Local Authorities

If required, we will get local authorities involved to put a stop to con artists, exploitive businesses, and cybercriminals. We are willing to share our analytical reports and other evidence the police enforcement might require during these situations.

That said, we value and respect your trust. You have the right to share or withdraw information during legal inquiries. 

  1. Resource Center for Public Education

Lack of education on the area and instructions are primary reasons for the existing fraudulent activities and cybercrimes. We hope to turn things around by offering practical advice and tips on resolving specific issues.

All visitors have free access to informative guides, step-by-step tutorials, cybercrime solutions, and real-time scam tracking services. Having this information will ensure that you understand how, why, and when con artists attack.

  1. Alerts and Notifications

Be the first to know. Our team will keep you well-informed about ongoing threats near you and across stateliness. We do this by sharing high alerts and notifications via texts and emails. You can also follow our social media pages for updates.

As a result, we mitigate the risk of repeated offenses and get a step closer to stopping the known offender.

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