The map of Delaware

The First State has the second-highest reports filed against fraud scams and identity thefts. Cybercrime numbers continue to rise after the pandemic, illustrating a growing problem. Our scam watch notifies users of ongoing activities and prevents seasoned scammers from ripping off innocent victims.

File a complaint or write business reviews to support our efforts to keep these criminal activities at bay. Businesses can register in our online business directory for Delaware to gain credibility and good publicity during these testing times.

Quick Facts about Delaware:

The Diamond State is the second smallest US state and the sixth-least populated area in the country. It’s divided into three counties (i.e. New Castle, Sussex, and Kent).  It has the second-highest frequency in fraud rates and has observed a spike in cybercrimes as well.

Here’s a preview of its fraud/cybercrime rates:

  • Population: 973,764
  • Largest City: Wilmington
  • Fraud Rates: Over 6,651 fraud scams were reported in the past year.
  • Identity Theft: Approximately 2,188 complaints against identity thefts.
  • Cybercrime: It has the 29th highest cybercrime rate in America, with over 948 reported investigations in 2019.


Report Fraud/Cybercrimes

Being one of the smallest US states gives Delaware a slight advantage compared to larger states. It’s a challenging target to hit and mostly overlooked when there are significantly greater markets to attack elsewhere.

Nevertheless, cybercrimes and frauds within the state are increasing every year.

Our online business directory for Delaware aims to highlight credible vendors in the area and prevent scammers from threatening the locals’ online safety. We need your due diligence and support to achieve this goal. Use our interactive space to write business reviews and file a complaint after each transaction.

You can file a report against:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity thefts and misuse of personal details
  • Cyberattacks (like phishing, malware, sweepstakes, etc.)

& other illegal behavior

Once we receive a report, we will conduct a detailed investigation and notify our members of potential threats. We will further collaborate with local authorities to monitor activities and identify unauthorized businesses whenever possible.

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