The map of Nebraska

Nebraska has become a hot spot for cybercrimes and scams in the last decade or so. Join our budding community of scam watchers to fight against fraud.  Our interactive business directory for Nebraska lets vendors and consumers share updates, rate companies, and collect statistics related to the state.

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Quick Facts about Nebraska:

Nebraska is a triply landlocked state, surrounded by Iowa (in the east), Wyoming (in the west), Missouri, Colorado, and Kansas (on the southern side). It’s located in the Midwestern regions and covers many trails explored by Lewis and Clark.

A cursory glance at state crime statistics:

  • Population: 1,934,408
  • Largest City: Omaha
  • Fraud Rates: The authorities investigated round 292 employment scams related to COVID-19 last year.
  • Identity Thefts: Approximately 2,182 complaints were filed against identity thefts in 2019.
  • Cybercrime: The state identified 1,201 cybercrimes in the last few years.




Report Scams/Cybercrimes

The number of reported cybercrimes in Nebraska surpasses expectations considering its low access rate. It reflects the complexity and rapid growth of criminal activities within the country. We recommend using our national tracker to stay updated about current crime rates.

Our business directory for Nebraska serves a dual purpose. Use it to write business reviews and rate local suppliers or file a complaint.  Local businesses can register themselves to gain visibility and credibility.

We use this information to track illegal business and conduct detailed investigations to report ongoing scams.

The virtual database covers:

  • Frauds and sweepstake schemes (in-person and online)
  • Identify theft reports
  • Cybercrimes (like phishing and hacking)

& other malicious behavior

In addition, we aim to work with local authorities to support the state and reduce crime rates within the area.

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