The Flag of Vermont

On the surface, it might seem like Vermont is a relatively safe place to live in terms of cybercrimes and other fraudulent activities. However, due to the fact that it isn’t as densely populated as some other US states, everyone is a potential target for scammers.If you want to prevent miscreants and fraudsters from taking advantage of you and other Vermont residents and tourists, join FraudTrac today. File a complaint against scams, review local businesses, and contribute to the growing business directory of Vermont that highlights all trustworthy enterprises in your state.

Quick Facts about Vermont

Located in the northeastern (New England) region of the US, Vermont is the 6th smallest and the 2nd least populous state in the state. Divided into 14 counties, this landlocked state shares its border with New Hampshire in the east, New York in the west, Massachusetts in the South, and the Canadian province of Quebec in the north.

Here are some stats that highlight the cybercrime, consumer fraud, and identity theft in the region:

  1. Population:623,251
  2. Largest City:Burlington
  3. Fraud Rates:696 consumer fraud cases were filed per 100,000 citizens in 2020.
  4. Identity Theft:130 identity theft reports for every 100,000 residents were filed in Vermont in 2020.
  5. Cybercrime:Vermont has the honor of having the lowest cybercrime rate amongst all US states. It lost $2,329,973 to a total of 131 reported cybercrimes in 2019.

Take Action Against Fraud/Online Scams

Although the Green Mountain State doesn’t have many reported cases of cybercrimes and identity thefts, it’s imperative to note that it has more to do with the fact that it’s the 2nd least populous US state than with its security status or stringent laws. If you want to make your state safer for yourself and its other citizens and tourists, join our online platform. File a complaint against local fraudsters and report all cybercrimes and shams.

Here are some crimes that you can report on our platform:

  • Frauds and scams
  • Identity theft
  • Cybercrimes and other malicious activity

Based on your complaints, we will investigate the suspected organization and take help from local authorities if necessary to apprehend them. We also offer real-time updates and educational resources via our interactive platform. You can use our updates to remain safe from sham enterprises.

Moreover, we encourage you to use our platform to write business reviews detailing your negative and positive experiences with local businesses. This way, you can guide others toward credible and reliable service providers and protect them from fraudulent fronts.

If you are a local service provider, you can register your organization into our online business directory for Vermont. It will significantly boost your credibility and trustworthiness amongst our consumers.

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