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The White Mountain State has maintained a safe and secure environment for you. Its tax rules and small size have resulted in relatively lower crime rates compared to other US states.

Our business directory for New Hampshire hopes to maintain these numbers (or somewhat reduce them). We request consumers to take an active part in raising awareness about scams, sweepstakes, and other misdemeanors. Use our platform to write business reviews and file a complaint according to your experience.

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Quick Facts about New Hampshire:

New Hampshire is located in the New England region of America. It is one of the smallest states and the 10th least populous state in the country. Its size partially explains the relatively low crime rates in the region. It’s surrounded by three US states (i.e. Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine), the Atlantic Ocean, and the Canadian province of Quebec.

A preview of the crime rates & relevant facts related to New Hampshire:

  • Population: 1,366,275
  • Largest City: Manchester
  • Fraud Rates: The state investigated 374 COVID-related fraud crimes in the past year.
  • Identity Theft: 169 identity theft complaints were filed in 2020.
  • Cybercrime: Only 264 cybercrimes were reported in the past few years.



File a Complaint against Scams/Cybercrimes

The Granite State might not have the highest crime rates, but consumers are advised to remain cautious. Use our online business directory for New Hampshire to stay in the loop and write business reviews to promote credible businesses.

Our interactive platform gives you access to a list of registered businesses and those working illegally. It also tracks ongoing cybercrimes and offline scams. We collaborate with local authorities whenever required.

FraudTrac accepts complaints against:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity thefts and misuse of security information
  • Cybercrimes and misuse of personal information

& other malicious activities

We often become the first correspondence between victims and official representatives.  Additionally, we encourage local service providers to join our fight against fraud via a simple registration process.

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