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Idaho might not be densely populated, but that doesn’t prevent fraudsters and scammers from exploiting its residents. Locals and tourists alike should be vigilant of identity thefts, fraudulent activity, cybercrimes, phishing scams, and more. Use our business directory for Idaho to stay up to date about all licensed businesses in the state.

Quick Facts about Idaho

Idaho is a northwestern US state. It’s the 14th largest and 12th least populous state in the country. It’s located in the Pacific Northwest region, where it’s bordered by Montana in the northeast and east, Nevada and Utah in the South, Wyoming in the east, and Oregon and Washington in the west. It also shares its border with Canada’s British Columbia in the north. The state has suffered millions of dollars due to cybercrime and other malicious activity.

Here’s a preview of Idaho’s fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime rates:

  • Population: 1,826,913
  • Largest City: Boise
  • Fraud Rates: 635 reports of consumer fraud per 100,000 of the population.
  • Identity Theft: The state saw 2,353 identity theft reports for every 100,000 residents.
  • Cybercrime: Around 432 cybercrimes were registered in the state in 2019. As a result, Idaho lost $12,627,102.


Fighting Against Fraud/Cybercrimes

FraudTrac encourages the residents of Idaho and any tourists visiting the state to support us in our fight against fraud via constant vigilance. Utilize our platform to file a complaint and report cybercrimes, fraudulent schemes, and identity thefts. Moreover, you can write business reviews about local service providers and establishments to ensure maximum statewide security.

Here’s an overview of the crimes we cover:

  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Online/offline frauds and scams
  • Cybercrimes, such as phishing scams and more

Our experts investigate reported crimes and work with local authorities to stop fraudulent activity and scams. If you report a crime, you can rest assured that we will follow up on it and put an end to it. We can also provide you with educational resources and send alerts to keep you updated.

Additionally, our business directory for Idaho keeps a record of reliable and licensed service providers and corporations within the state. Use our data to protect yourself from potential scammers and threats.

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