Map of Alaska

Alaska might be sparsely populated, but that does not stop scammers and fraudsters from exploiting people in the state. Locals and tourists should be aware of phishing scams, identity thefts, misleading messages, doorstep frauds, cybercrimes, etc. Use our business directory for Alaska to stay updated and aware of potential threats.

Quick Facts about Alaska

The northwestern state is the largest U.S state and the third-least populated state in the country. It’s located alongside the Canadian border with the territory of Yukon in the east. The western side shares a maritime border with Russia. Technological advancements and economic instability in Alaska have resulted in a high crime rate for frauds, scams, and other malicious behavior, both online and offline.   The state has lost millions of dollars due to scammers.

Here are some stats to highlight the situation:

  • Population: 731,545
  • Largest City: Anchorage
  • Fraud Rates: It has the highest risk of online fraud in the country.
  • Identity Theft: Approximately 539 complaints got filed against identity theft
  • Cybercrime: Around 222 cybercrimes registered in the state in recent years. The state lost over $9,654,238 as a result.


Fighting Against Fraud/Cybercrimes

FraudTrac appeals to the general public and tourists in Alaska to support its fight against fraud through constant vigilance. Use our platform to file a complaint to report fraud schemes and cybercrime threats.  You can also write business reviews about local establishments and service providers to maximize safety within the state.

Here’s an overview of the crimes we cover:

  • Online/Offline frauds & scams
  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Cybercrimes and other exploitive business schemes

Our diligent team investigates reported crimes and collaborates with local authorities to stop scammers.

We shall follow-up by investigating the reported crime and coordinating with local authorities. We also share educational resources and send alerts to keep the users updated.

Moreover, our business directory for Alaska keeps a record of licensed and safe service providers and corporations within the state. Use the data to steer clear of possible threats.

Support the State with FraudTrac

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