Map of Arkansas

Unemployment insurance claim fraud has become prevalent in Arkansas. Adding to the chaos is the yearly influx of phishing scams, security threats, doorstep frauds, malware attacks, and sweepstake scams.  Our online business directory for Arkansas and advanced fraud tracker alerts the general public of current criminal activities.

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Quick Facts about Arkansas

Arkansas holds the 29th position as the largest US state. It’s the 33rd most populous state in the country with over 3 million residents. The Natural State covers the interior highlands and a dense forest region (Arkansas Timberlands). Internet accessibility and urban development have led to an increase in fraud rates and cybercrimes.

Here’s a preview of the latest stats from Arkansas:

  • Population: 3,017,804
  • Largest City: Little Rock
  • Fraud Rates: The ADWS identified more than 37000 faux unemployment claims in 2020.
  • Identity Theft: Ranked 20th for identity theft-related crimes with an estimated 4,525
  • Cybercrime: The authorities reported 532 cybercrimes in the past year.


Fighting Against Fraud/Cybercrimes

Over the years, the land of opportunity has become a treasure trove for fraudsters and schemers. Its residents and tourists are lured through false claims and fake rewards.  That’s why the state government requests locals (and visitors) to avoid online/offline interaction with unverified accounts.

It’s your social responsibility to file a complaint and support small businesses via business reviews. We use this information to update our online business directory for Arkansas.

You can report:

  • Frauds & scams (in-person and online)
  • Identity theft and security threats
  • Cyberattacks
  • Insurance scams and other suspicious schemes

Our correspondents shall investigate and verify the situation through systematic investigation. We will also consult local authorities if things go awry.

Licensed professionals and businesses should register themselves for Arkansas.  Your information maximizes credibility and consumer security.

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