The flag of South Carolina

Palmetto State has a steadily increasing crime rate revolving around frauds, scams, and cybercrimes. We have developed an interactive business directory for South Carolina to track these illegal activities.

We encourage users to come forth with important information and file a complaint against con artists and exploitive enterprises. Alternatively, we uplift local business growth by posting consumer reviews to highlight reputable companies.

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Quick Facts about South Carolina:

South Carolina is located in the Southeastern region of America. It comprises 46 counties, with Columbia being its capital. The state is surrounded by North Carolina in the north and Georgia in the southwest. The Atlantic Ocean borders the southeastern side of the coastal state.

A cursory glance at state crime stats:

  • Population: 5,148,714
  • Largest City: Charleston
  • Fraud Rates: Approximately 1178 COVID-related frauds were reported in 2020.
  • Identity Theft: Estimated complaints reached 373 in 2019.
  • Cybercrime: 1,137 cybercrimes reported in recent years.



Fighting Fraud/Cybercrimes

South Carolina has a thriving commercial industry and budding community. These factors make it a target for scammers, cyber criminals, and notorious con artists.

We are motivated to stop criminals and reduce illegal activities within the state.

Our online business directory for South Carolina lets you write business reviews /or file a complaint against local suppliers and vendors. We also have space for registering reputable businesses to share credible consumer markets and protect our affiliated partners.

Our well-maintained database shares info about:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity theft and misuse of personal details
  • Cybercrimes & cyber attacks

& exploitative schemes

We collaborate with local authorities to assist in regional investigations against fraud.

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