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The fraud rate, cybercrime reports, and identity theft crimes in Illinois are at an all-time high. Fraudulent organizations and scammers continue to exploit vulnerable individuals via phishing scams, identity threats, and phony emails. Join FraudTrac and file a complaint against scams, review local businesses, and add to the business directory of Illinois.

Quick Facts about Illinois

Located in the East-North-Central region of the US, Illinois is the 25th largest and the 6th most populous state in the country. It’s sandwiched between Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Indiana. Illinois is sadly the 3rd state to receive the most number of identity theft reports in the US. It also suffers from more than 100 million dollars in cybercrimes almost every year!

Here are some stats to highlight the cybercrime, fraud activity, and identity theft in the region:  

  • Population: 12,569,300
  • Largest City: Chicago
  • Fraud Rates: 806 consumer fraud reports per 100,000 in 2020.
  • Identity Theft: 135,038 identity theft reports for every 100,000 residents got filed in Illinois, making it the 3rd most-affected state for identity theft.
  • Cybercrime: Illinois suffered $107,152,415 in losses due to 3,465 reported cybercrimes in 2019.


Take Action Against Fraud/Online Scams

So, how can you stop these fraudulent and illegal activities in Illinois?

Whether you are a local of the state or a tourist, you must remain vigilant and raise awareness against local scams, fraudulent activity, and cybercrimes. Use our interactive platform to file a complaint against local shams and con artists. You can also write business reviews to elaborate on any positive or negative experiences you might have had with an establishment or service provider in Illinois.

Here are some crimes that you can report on our platform:

  • Frauds and scams
  • Identity theft
  • Cybercrimes and other malicious activities

Once we receive a complaint, we make sure to follow the lead and investigate the reported crime by coordinating with local authorities. We also offer educational resources and send regular updates to keep our users updated.

If you are a local business or service provider, you can register your business into our online business directory for Illinois. Your proactive attitude and constant vigilance will help us create a safe and secure environment for businesses and customers within the state.

Want to support the local businesses in Illinois and keep consumers safe from fraud?

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