The map of Nevada

The Silver State ranks amongst the top five states with high fraud rates. We strive to decrease the number with our well-maintained business directory for Nevada.

We encourage residents and tourists to use the platform to file a complaint against con artists and scammers. You can also rate and write business reviews to promote credible companies. Your efforts can protect others and save the state from becoming a hotbed for criminal activities.

Join us today to build a better nation.

Quick Facts about Nevada:

Nevada is the 7th largest state in the country, with a surprisingly low population. The Western state borders Oregon and Idaho to the north, Arizona on the southern side, California to the west, and Utah to the east.  Nearly 75% of its population resides in Clark County.

A quick look at state statistics:

  • Population: 3,080,156
  • Largest City: Las Vegas
  • Fraud Rates: It recorded 1073 fraud crimes linked post-pandemic.
  • Identity Theft: 22,801 identity theft complaints were filed in 2019.
  • Cybercrime: 2,481 cybercrimes got investigated in recent years.




Fighting Scams/Cybercrimes

Our online business directory for Nevada tracks different types of scams, cybercrimes, and malicious activities. We use this platform to notify the general public about potential threats in the area. In turn, we request you to keep us updated and use our database to file a complaint and write business reviews when something seems suspicious.

Our collaborative efforts can protect others and prevent the rising crime rate in the region.

File a complaint against:

  • Online/In-person frauds & scams
  • Identity thefts and misuse of security information
  • Cybercrimes and security breaches

& other misdemeanors

We use these reports to investigate the crime and also work with local authorities in catching notorious scammers. Local service providers can join us through a simple registration process.

Let’s support the state against fraud.

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