The Flag of Utah

The state of Utah continues to deal with identity thieves, cybercriminals, and fraudulent companies. Given the sheer size of Utah, criminals have ample space to spread out and dupe the locals in different parts of the state. If you want to put a stop to this malicious and duplicitous activity, work with FraudTrac. File a complaint against shady organizations to protect yourself and other Utah citizens from their clutches. Use our online directory for Utah to assess the reliability of local businesses. Write business reviews on our platform to inform people about legitimate businesses and imposters posing as them.

Quick Facts about Utah:

Utah is a US state located in the west-central region of the country. Divided into 29 counties, it’s the 13th largest and the 31st most populous state in America. This landlocked state shares its borders with Idaho in the north, Nevada in the west, Colorado in the east, Wyoming in the northeast, New Mexico in the southeast, and Arizona in the south.

Here’s an overview of Utah’s crime statistics:

  1. Population:3,310,770
  2. Largest City:Salt Lake City
  3. Fraud Rates:707 reported cases of consumer fraud per 100,000 citizens in the past year.i
  4. Identity Theft:Last year, there were 292 filed cases of identity theft per 100,000 residents in Utah.ii
  5. Cybercrime:The state’s residents suffered a significant loss of $46,458,273 due to 934 reported cybercrime cases.iii

How Can You Support the State?

Every year, the Beehive State loses millions to cybercriminals, fraudsters, and identity thieves. The only way to make sure that its citizens can feel safe from such activity is to report any criminal or fraudulent activity that you come across. Use FraudTrac’s interactive platform to file a complaint against sham businesses and nip their duplicitous activities in the bud. Use our online database to learn about legitimate businesses and separate them from unauthorized organizations operating within your state.

After our initial investigation, we notify local authorities about potential threats.

File a complaint to report:

  • Identity theft and security breaches
  • Online/offline frauds & scams
  • Cybercrimes, including malware threats

Your enduring vigilance will help us safeguard Utah against criminals. We can use your complaints to investigate frauds and scams and protect Utah residents and tourists from them. When required, we work with local authorities to put an end to any duplicitous activity in your area.

Moreover, you can use the platform to write business reviews to help other Utah locals and tourists find trustworthy and credible service providers while spreading awareness about imposters. As a local business, you can enlist your enterprise on our online business directory for Utah to foster our platform users’ trust in your business.

Want to support the local businesses in Utah and put an end to fraudsters?

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