Privacy Policy

The following is the FraudTrac online privacy policy, which directs how user information (i.e. your information) is collected and utilized on our website.

Kindly take a few minutes to scroll and read through our privacy policy. That way, you will know how, when and why we collect user information on this site.

The Type of Information FraudTrac Collects

FraudTrac records different types of data to create a safe, secure, and optimal online experiences. Most information is retrieved and used with your consent.

 Here’s a quick snapshot of the type of information we use:

 Search queries (i.e. name, location, business or charity organizer.)

  • All financial data related to billing or donation.
  • Our website may store your IP address to find out where you are located.
  • User information can include data concerning consumer complaints and reviews.
  • User information may also include information pertaining to a marketplace complaint, such as your name, postal and e-mail address, phone and facsimile numbers, and description of the complaint or customer review.
  • FraudTrac developments and operations are not suitable for children aged 15 and below. We do know knowingly collect or store information concerning minors. Parents are requested to supervise online activities.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small coded files comprising letters and numbers. Your device saves these files whenever you visit our website. FraudTrac uses non-intrusive first-party cookies to identify frequent visitors from leads/new customers.

Additionally, these files are used to enhance the online experience and website performance.

The uses of different type of cookie:

  • Essential cookies allow you to access web pages without any difficulty. These cookies save passwords, log-in credentials, searches, language choices, etc.
  • Analytical cookies track your online activity within the website. It facilitates data analysis and optimization based on frequency of website use, personal preferences, and other unique details about your online visits.
  • Secure cookies protect the private information and confidential information you submit on the website. These include, encrypted login credentials, email addresses, passwords, etc.
  • Marketing cookies allow Google to remarket and advertise our business to frequent visitors.

Besides this, FraudTrac might use third-party cookies to complete some operations. These include Google analytics, collaborations, and other usage.


We always ask permission to track cookies when you visit our website. Consent is the main part of cookie policies. We often ask permission to store analytical cookies for advertising and customization purposes.

Other points for consideration:

 FraudTrac does not store any identifiable data about users through cookies.

  • We share limited information with third-party agencies and external sources unless they contribute to our daily operations.
  • Most cookies get stored for short-term usage. Our site deletes cookies automatically one year after your first web visit on the site.
  • FraudTrac is not responsible for any privacy policy or cookie regulation practiced on external sites. Please go through site-specific terms and conditions beforehand.

Users have the right to disable cookies whenever required. You can do this manually through cookie settings or contact the IT support team.

Use of Information

We gather and collect information to maintain and optimize our services. We also use personal data to tailor your online web experience. Also, note that sharing information with our public platform gives us complete authority to use it to complete the next step in fighting fraud.

Here’s a quick look at how we collect and use information:

  • We collect contact information to share formal notices, service updates, security alerts and support and admin messages. Your phone number and email ID proves equally beneficial for answering queries and fulfilling requests.
  • Offer personalized user experiences based on your interest.
  • FraudTrac sends service-related messages concerning products, service packages, offers, and events related to scams and cybercrime.
  • We routinely share industry insights and updates that might interest you.
  • We track your online activity within the site to assess trends, usage, and online activities associated within the services.
  • Identify and investigate security threats, fraudulent transactions, and malware, amongst other cyber issues.
  • Address site errors and glitches to improve website functionality.
  • Promote freedom of speech and discredit foul language/abuse heard on the site.

Sharing Information

Any information collected on this site can be shared:

  • With service providers and IT maintenance teams who require it to provide uninterrupted services on our behalf.
  • We may share customer reviews submitted on this site with the respective companies you reviewed and our affiliates (or any other entities) who can repurpose reviews as testimonials for website and social media pages.
  • Every user needs to fill a form to access certain parts of the website or receive services. We might share contact information submitted on the site with business associates. Our partners have the right to reuse the information for marketing and analytical purposes.
  • We might have to disclose details related to complaints about fraud, scams, and cybercrime. Typically, we do this when legal authorities and law enforcement agencies are investigating a scam or another illegal activity.
  • We have the right to share personal details if your actions are inconsistent with our user agreements/policies.
  • We may share information with third parties for quality control and to promote accredited FraudTrac businesses.

FraudTrac Scam Tracker
Reported scams and complaints might get posted on our website and send via security alerts. If required, we may share your name, location, and contact details with governmental agencies, law enforcement, and supportive organization who might help stop the con artist. Additionally, we might share your complaint with media and publications if permitted.

As the website and services continue to grow, so do our policies. Remember to check the date of publication and revision to ensure that you agree with our privacy policy.

Updates & Alterations

We have complete authority to change and modify the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. We will change the data of revision on top of this page to indicate signal a new change. When that happens, we request all users to scroll through our policies routinely.

That way, a new rule or clause will not catch you off guard.

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