Why Should You Write Business Reviews? | Scam Watch

Welcome to our resource center. Your reasons to write business reviews may vary, but ours remain the same. We work to create a safe and secure environment for consumers. Your testimonials and complaints allow us to spread the word about good businesses and red flag those that exploited you. Here are some more insights into our service.

Why Should You Write Business Reviews? | Scam Watch

Why Should You Write Business Reviews?

FraudTrac takes great pride in developing an interactive business directory for America. We maintain our records in coordination with local news, collaboration with authorities, and your testimonials. The collective data enables our specialists to track fraudulent crimes, scams, and malicious activities near you.

Here are all the other reasons to write business reviews:

Remember that all testimonials and complaints get investigated before publication. We advise you to share accurate and real details to optimize this process.

Tips for Writing Business Reviews on FraudTrac

So you’ve decided to write a business review, now what?

FraudTrac encourages consumers to write personal experiences (both positive and negative) with local vendors and service providers. We aim to share this information with others to help prospective buyers find the right places.

At the same time, negative reviews and complaints give others a heads up on the situation. It makes it easier for them to steer clear from places and service providers who might have ulterior motives.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get started:

Keep Things Simple

Write a short and precise testimonial (approx. one paragraph long) to create a quick snapshot of the service and environment.

Keep Things Relevant

Users appreciate reviews that share relevant details and instructions about a particular place. Try being as accurate as possible and disclose insightful information that will prove beneficial to the next customer.

Share Pros and Cons

We’d like to hear both the positive and negative sides of local businesses to get a clearer picture of consumer experiences. These reviews tell others whether or not a company is worth their time.

Avoid Promotional Content

Our business review board offers local companies credibility and expands their business. Yet, we frown upon fake reviews shared for promotional purposes only. We request our business partners to refrain from such activities so that we continue to support them and track fraud through our ethical conduct
and transparency.

Mind Your Language

We respect and value everything you share and your opinion on specific restaurants. Yet, it will be best if you refrain from using foul and abusive language even if you are writing a negative review. Also, pay close attention to spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and overall content to convey the right message.

Be Professional and Protective

Avoid sharing personal details about you (and the company). Only share aspects like the ambiance, service, and things you received. You can take names and share a detailed account of scams personally.
Lastly, if you have been scammed or ripped off, we’d like you to write a negative review and file a complaint to report the crime. That way, we will have a more tangible reason to approach authorities if required.

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