Social Security Scams

Have you received a call saying there is a problem with your Social Security account or number? Chances are it’s a Security Scam.

Social Security Scams

What Are Social Security Scams?

Social security scams are a common type of government impostor scam, where scammers pose as government representatives and ask you to send money or provide financial and personal data for use in identity theft.

One common fraud entails bogus Social Security Administration (SSA) employees calling people to warn them that their Social Security numbers have been associated with criminal activities, and hence, suspended. The fraudsters ask you to confirm your number so that they can reactivate your existing account or issue you a new number. This is simply a tactic to steal money and personal information as Social Security never blocks or suspends numbers.

How to Recognize Social Security Scams

Here are some ways in which you can recognize social security scams:

How to Protect Yourself from Social Security Scams?

The best way to protect yourself from a social security scam is to stay alert. If you receive a fraudulent call asking for your
Social Security number, hang up immediately.

Moreover, ensure that your Social Security card is kept safely. Shred any letters or documents containing sensitive details
instead of just putting them in the trash.

Have you been a victim of a social security scam?

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