School Diploma Scam

Thinking of getting your high school diploma? Watch out for fraudster who set up fake diploma websites to deceive you into paying for a meaningless diploma.

School Diploma Scam

What Is A Diploma Scam?

A diploma scam is where a fraudulent organization provides seemingly authentic (albeit fake) diplomas to people in exchange for a fee. Some pose as genuine higher education institutions that award diplomas to students, whereas others basically sell diplomas in exchange for cash.

The first kind of diploma scam can be more problematic, as several unsuspicious students may enrol in an online diploma program and end up wasting their hard-earned money for a worthless diploma without even knowing about it.

What Are the Red Flags of a Diploma Scam?

Here are some red flags indicating a diploma scam.

1. You Can Receive the Diploma Immediately from Home.

No classes? No written exams? Completely online? If that’s the case, the diploma program is likely a scam!

2. You Need to Pay A Fee to Get Your Diploma.

No credible high school equivalency program will allow you to attend classes or take tests for free and then charge you for the diploma. You might have to pay to attend classes or sit for exams, but you will never have to pay for the diploma itself.

3. Diploma Programs Claim to Be Associated with the Federal Government.

The federal government does not have programs for receiving school diplomas. The state generally approves credible programs or tests.