Have you ever received an email asking for your credit card details? This is an example of a phishing email.


What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of cybercrime in which a victim is contacted via text message, telephone, or email by someone posing as a bona fideinstitution to coax people into giving sensitive data such as personal information, passwords, as well as bank and credit card details.

The stolen details are then used to access sensitive accounts and can lead to financial losses and identity theft.

Phishing text messages and emails might appear as if they are from an institution you know or trust, such as a credit card company, a bank, an online store, or a social networking site.

Phishing text messages and emails usually tell a story to tempt you to click on a
link or download and open an attachment. They might:

How to Protect Yourself from A Phishing Attempt?

Here are some ways to secure yourself from a phishing attempt:

1. Use security software to secure your computer

2. Protect your cell phone by allowing automatic software updates

3. Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication to secure your accounts

4. Protect your data by backing it up.

Have you been a victim of phishing?

File a complaint to stop this cybercrime.