Online Shopping Scam

Have you bought something online that didn’t turn out to be as advertised? This is a typical online shopping scam.

Online Shopping Scam

What Is an Online Shopping Scam?

An online shopping scam involves scammers posing as credible online sellers, either with a fake ad or a fake website on a legitimate retailer site.

How Does an Online Shopping Scam Work?

In an online shopping scam, scammers use advanced technology to create fake retailer websites that appear to be actual online retail stores. Scammers may use stolen logos, sophisticated layouts and designs, and even authentic domain names.

Such websites generally offer luxury products such as popular brands of electronics, jewelry, and clothing at very low prices. In some cases, you might receive the item you paid for, but it will be fake. However, in some cases, you might not get anything at all.

How to Spot an Online Shopping Scam?

How to Spot an Online Shopping Scam?

It can be quite tricky to spot a scam, fraudulent, or fake website. Scammers are pretty good at developing legit-looking websites. Here are some checks you can use to determine if the online retailer is genuine.

1. Be wary of extremely high discounts or low prices. If the prices look too good to be true, then they probably are.

2. Look out for grammar and spelling mistakes, poor English, etc., as they could indicate thewebsite isn’t genuine and was developed by someone aiming to make quick money.

3. Never pay through a bank transfer as it will difficult to get your money back in case of anonline shopping scam.

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