Mail Fraud & Theft

Have you noticed missing emails? Do delivered items disappear from your doorstep? There’s a chance you might be a victim of mail fraud and theft.

Mail Fraud & Theft

What Is Mail Fraud?

Mail fraud and theft refer to incidents where scammers steal valuables and money from innocent victims. It tends to happen via phony sweepstakes, fake catalog subscriptions, and solicitation letters. These crimes are committed when thieves nick your bank statements, credit card offers, checks, and other confidential letters right out of your mailbox. There are times when they might steal unimportant mails. Even then, these emails contain personal information. They can use it to either open new accounts under your name or charge transactions on your accounts.

Purpose & Intent

Mail fraud scammers have two motives. They steal parcels you ordered from your doorstep. Besides this, they misuse your credit card details for personal gains by purchasing items under your name.

Signs of mail fraud and theft are as follows:

  • You notice crinkled/folded envelops in the mailbox as if someone has rifled with the contents inside
  • Your monthly subscriptions are missing
  • You experience delivery issues as ordered items don’t arrive or parcels you never ordered get delivered to your address
  • Monthly account statements show unauthorized charges

You can prevent mail fraud by keeping track of your billing cycles and following up on missing subscriptions/orders. Your quick response can stop scammers from exploiting you for prolonged periods.

Are you a victim of mail fraud and theft?

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