Lottery Prize Scam

Have you ever received a phone call claiming you won the lottery? Beware! This is a lottery prize scam!

Lottery Prize Scam

What Is A Lottery Prize Scam?

A lottery prize scam happens when a fraudster contacts you to inform you that you have won a huge sum of money in a sweepstake, international lottery, or another prize draw.

You are informed via letter or email that you have won a massive sum of money on an online or overseas lottery. Australian, Canadian, and Spanish lotteries are among the most common.

The scammer may ask you to get in touch with someone who pretends to a representative at the lottery company. After contacting the agent, you might be asked to pay a fee in order to process the payment of your winnings. However, in most cases, the lottery is non-existent, or you have been called by scammers misusing the name of an authentic lottery.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Lottery Prize Scam?

Here are some signs that indicate you are dealing with a lottery prize scam.

  • You receive an email, text, or letter saying that you have won a prize in a sweepstake or lottery you didn’t enter. This might even come from trusted family members over social media.
  • The person asks you to pay a fee, such as “processing fees,” “taxes,” or “shipping and handling charges,” to receive your prize.
  • You are instructed to wire money to a well-known company to ensure smooth delivery of the prize.

Are you a lottery prize scam victim?

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