Legal Services and Support Scam

Legal service and support scams involve con artists posing as lawyers.

Legal Services and Support Scam

What Are Legal Services and Support Scams?

Legal service and support scams are run by an individual or group of scammers pretending to be solicitors to exploit the general public. They are common in scenarios where people are desperate to receive legal consultation and advice for personal injury lawsuits, automobile accidents, or other charges placed against them. Or when plaintiffs need legal representation to file a complaint.

In both cases, these scam solicitors will approach you and offer support. Scammers might charge advanced attorney fees in exchange for their services. Unfortunately, they ghost you as soon as they receive their payment.

Purpose & Intent

Legal servcies and support scams have become prevalent in these uncertain times. Fraudsters target middle-class families, the elderly, immigrants and other vulnerable people because they are most likely to respond well to the help they offer.

Once you are convinced about their credibility, they will charge an upfront fee to help you. There will be other hidden costs that pop up during the process. As a result, you wind up losing all your money and never receive the services that scammers promised initially.

If a scam solicitor has deceived you (or your loved ones), file a complaint against the imposter. It will allow us and legal authorities to investigate the matter and catch the criminal before someone else gets trapped in their scheme.

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