Disaster fraud, Charity scam

Disasters fraudand crisis schemes are developed by opportunistic fraudsters who exploit the situation to rip off vulnerable families and individuals.

Disaster fraud, Charity scam

What Are Disaster/Crisis Fraud?

Disaster fraud and crisis schemes revolve around person or charity organizations pretending to collect funds to support victims of a disaster. The situation can include everything from hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, and bushfires to pandemic outbreaks.

Disaster frauds are operated in many different ways. Con artists can drop by your house to collect funds, use social media and crowdfunding platforms to collect money. They might also use cold calls, anonymous texts, or emails as a form of correspondence.

Later on, they stop responding to your messages after they receive the donation.

Purpose & Intent

These fake entities appear as legitimate non-profit organizations that work hard to achieve philanthropic endeavors. The reality is far from the truth as these con artists solicit money from generous patrons and donors to line their pockets instead. These scammers can appear when a disaster strikes fake charities pop up to exploit people right after a tragic event. We advise you to avoid these crisis schemes by researching charity organizations and choosing reputable sources for your donation.

File a complaint against fraud to stop these opportunistic schemers.

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