Debt Relief Scam/Credit Card Scams

Having a new credit identity might seem like a dream come true. Until it isn’t, keep an eye out for credit repair scams that use fake promises to steal your money.

Debt Relief Scam/Credit Card Scams

What Are Debt Relief Scams?

Credit repair scams are initiated by con artists claiming to assist financially distressed individuals. All their schemes and strategies fall short after you pay them. Scammers offer debt relief services to consumers struggling to fix their credit scores. They promise to settle the amount by negotiation with creditors or at the very least reducing repayment obligations. These services come with a hefty price, mostly charged upfront.

Purpose & Intent

Scammers create a sham to run away with your money. They might even string you along to increase your debt. Remember that asking for advanced payment for credit car repair services is a telltale sign of a debt relief scam. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considers it illegal to extort money and advises consumers to steer clear of anyone asking for upfront cash in these situations.

Other red flags include:

  • The scammer’s insistence on falsifying information on your credit card reports and disputing accurate details
  • They might stop you from contacting authentic credit card regulatory websites
  • Scammers will never explain your legal rights during the process
  • They encourage you to fill loan applications with inaccurate details

This way, they manipulate you for monetary gain. Additionally, they put you at risk by forcing you to break the law.

Are you a victim of a debt relief scam?

File a complaint with FraudTrac to warn others.