Cyber Protection Scam

Have you ever received an email/call claiming your computer has a virus? Or that your device needs some security upgrades? Beware, these are classic signs of cyber protection scams.

Cyber Protection Scam

What Are Cyber Protection Scams

Tech support scams involve cybercriminals impersonating as official service providers from reputable companies (i.e., Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc.). They use fake tech support calls and emails to contact victims. They might even approach you through pop-up notifications. All three scenarios are posed as well-meaning alerts to notify you about a potential computer risk. They then ask you to do a series of tasks to gain remote access to your data or register you for fake warranty programs.

Purpose & Intent

Cybercrime has become prevalent in recent years, putting cyber protection as a top priority for consumers. Knowing this, scammers create faux tech support companies to deceive you. They use these tactics to put your data at risk and steal security details or harm your business.

These cybercriminals can:

  • Access personal details stored on your computer and connected networks via requesting remote access.
  • Install malware to retrieve sensitive data (i.e., passwords, user names, stored credit card details)
  • Charge you for an antivirus program or repair service that is available elsewhere for free.
  • Ask you to fill subscription forms to access credit card, bank account, and other confidential details.

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