Credit Card Fraud

Is your credit card statement showing a charge at a store you haven’t been to in months? The suspicious charge could be an indication that you have been a victim of credit card fraud.

Credit Card Fraud

What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud refers to the unauthorized use of a debit or credit card or any other payment tool (recurring charge, EFT, ACH, etc.) to fraudulently acquire money. Credit card information can be pinched from unsecured websites or stolen through identity theft fraud. Reporting credit card fraud online is integral in ensuring financial safety.


How Does Credit Card Fraud Happen?

1. A thief rummages through your trash, discovers a discarded credit card statement
that includes sensitive information, and uses it for fraudulent purposes.

2. A dishonest waiter steals your credit card information.

3. An identity thief coaxes you to an unsecured website where you are asked to provide your credit card number. The scammer uses your credit card details for fraudulent purchases.

How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

The following tips will help you secure yourself from credit card fraud

1. Swiftly and meticulously review each credit card statement before making a payment.

2. Shred credit card statements before trashing them.

3. Don’t enter your credit card details online unless the site is reputable and secure.

4. Report lost credit cards or suspected fraud immediately

5. Don’t respond to phone calls that ask you for your credit card information.

Has someone fraudulently used your credit card number?

File a complaint to report the scam. Contact FraudTrac for more details.