COVID-19 Assistance Scams

Thousands of Americans have experienced significant financial loss after being duped through COVID-19 assistance scams. Ongoing investigations anticipate a continuation of this ploy even though vaccinations are rolling out as we speak.

COVID-19 Assistance Scams

What Are COVID-19 Assistance Scams?

Pandemic-related scams use the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as an excuse to contact senior citizens and other vulnerable citizens in the community. Scammers use telemarketing calls, anonymous text messages, fake social media profiles, and door-to-door visits to retrieve money from unsuspecting people. The request you to fill forms, wire money, or do a specific task to obtain your (or a loved one’s) personal details on a ruse. They use Social Security Numbers to commit identity thefts, charge federal healthcare programs, or manipulate the situation to receive funds/checks and other valuable assets.

Purpose & Intent

Fraudsters use the mass hysteria and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic for ulterior

surrounding the pandemic for ulterior purposes. They use easy targets like senior citizens, unemployed Americans, immigrants, families going through a financial crisis, etc. They receive this information in exchange for COVID-19 related services.

These can include HHS grants, Medicare prescription cards, vaccination registration fees, or alleged government-based services for reimbursing affected individuals. They hide their duplicity under fake names, official-looking logos, and alleged testimonials from people that require assistance in filing reports, investments, or handling billing.

Like most disaster frauds, good people pay a hefty price during testing times.

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