Banking – Cashier’s Check Fraud

Cashier’s check frauds are common types of banking scams. Many victims wind up losing thousands of dollars because these checks are allegedly safe for transactions. Identify red flags and warning signs to avoid this exploitive scheme.

Banking – Cashier’s Check Fraud

What Is Cashier’s Check Fraud?

In cashier’s check fraud (or fake check scam), scammers ask you to deposit a check required to complete a financial transaction. These individuals play the role of buyers, agencies, investors, etc. In most cases, they tend to send more money on the ruse of covering taxes, wiring money to a helper, or accidentally sending more than the required amount. They always have a good excuse to avoid an in-person meeting and paying you more than they owe.

After that, they proceed to ask victims to refund the remaining balance. The check often looks like a real cashier’s check, money order, and business/personal check. The genuine counterfeit makes them harder to detect until they bounce. At this point, the sender stops responding to your messages. As a result, you end up handing over the additional amount without receiving anything in return.

Did you get approached by an online scammer?

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