Pension Scam

Is someone offering to help you access your pension savings before you 're 55? This is a common type of pension scam you need to avoid!

Pension Scam

What Is A Pension Scam?

A pension scam is where a scammer tries to get access to clean out a person’s pension money.

A pension scam usually starts with the scammer contacting their target unexpectedly and talking about

A lucrative business or investment opportunity
The ways to invest pension money
Taking pension money before the age of 55

How to Spot A Pension Scam?

Scammers will try various ways to coax their target to part with their pension money – from providing misleading or false information to promising opportunities that are just too good to be true.

Does this sound familiar? File a complaint against fraud to stop these criminals.

Contact FraudTrac for further details.