Frequently Asked Questions about FraudTrac

FraudTrac is an online business directory that supports consumers’ fight against fraud and scams. Learn about the usage and advantages of this interactive platform right here.


The Basics: About the Company

What is FraudTrac?

FraudTrac serves as an independent online business directory that keeps track of frauds, scams, and cybercrimes near you. Our daily alerts and real-time notifications increase awareness about the market space and hidden dangers. We help consumers find organizations, brands, and charities they can rely on and work well with. All services are free of cost!

You can use the platform to search for accredited businesses in the area. We also allow users to file a complaint against scammers and write business reviews.

When Did FraudTrac Begin?

FraudTrac started in 2021 as a response to rising numbers of post-COVID scams. We are here to lend a hand with our updated directory and easy-to-follow tutorials. Our main goal is to create a trustworthy business network to protect consumer rights and notify them about potential threats.

It serves the community through its free scam watch services.

Scam Watch: How Do We Support the Fight Against Fraud?

How Do I Become a Registered Business on FraudTrac?

If you are interested in registering at FraudTrac, you will have to fill a form. It will cover basic details like the company name, location, and services you provide. We will conduct a thorough background check and only choose brands/businesses with strong ethical values, an honest approach, and positive feedback online.

We continuously check for updates and ratings to remove accreditations if required.


Business owners must refrain from using our online platform as an endorsement as this is not an ad space. We promote fairness by treating all brands and users fairly.

How Do I Check A Company’s Rating on with FraudTrac?

Visit our home page. Go to the search bar and type in company name and location of the organization. Enter other relevant details to optimize search.

How to Check Company’s FraudTrac Accreditation?

(Will your website have this feature?)

Sample answer: A BBB Accredited Business will display the BBB Seal of Accreditation on its Business Profile.

Are All Businesses on FraudTrac Accredited?

Not necessarily.

We track accredited and non-verified businesses alike to give consumers an overview of the local marketplace. It also teaches you how to learn what distinguishes unauthorized businesses from credible sources.

How Does We Rate Businesses?

We encourage the general public to write business reviews or file a complaint depending on individual consumer experiences. Online profiles, consumer reports support these, and other details are available online.

How Do I File a Complaint on FraudTrac?

Share your story, disclose evidence and explain what happened. We will ask follow-up questions to learn more details before conducting a private investigation.
Want to file a complaint? Fill the form here.

What Is the Difference between Consumer Reviews and Consumer Complaints Shared on FraudTrac?

Consumer reviews can be good or bad. They are based on consumer interactions and transactions. Through them, you share your experience and list the pros and cons of working with a specific company. You might also add whether or not you will recommend them to a prospective buyer.

In contrast, complaints focus on the negatives. They are usually filed when a business exploits you for financial gains or discriminates against you.

In both cases, we request users to share their details. That way, we can verify their story with a third party to prevent fake complaints.

Want to write a business review? Head over to the Write a Review page.

How Does FraudTrac Stop Rip-offs and Scams?

We do not have any authority or policing power to stop scams. We do the next best thing by advocating the rights of consumers and promoting accredited businesses through representation.

Our main goal is to raise public awareness about online and offline scams and fraudulent activities. We do this through real-time alerts, notifications, and scam tips. Additionally, we coordinate with local police, state and federal law enforcement agencies if required. That way, official investigations can commence when things get serious.