Charity Fraud/Non-Profit Organization Fraud

Have you ever received an email claiming you won the lottery? Or an unrecognizable firm calling in to help you recover lost treasure/stock market investments? All these scenarios are common scam

Charity Fraud/Non-Profit Organization Fraud

What Is Charity Fraud?

Charity fraud scams request donations for non-profit organizations in pursuit of personal gains. These organizers rarely do any work and often put money in their pockets. Many con artists create fake profiles and websites to seem authentic. These schemes are prevalent during natural disasters and global crises (like the current pandemic). Criminals use these tragic events to exploit generous donors interested in helping others.

Other times, non-profit organizations are built for high-profile causes that are trending online and most likely to garner interest. Typical scenarios include campaigns to raise funds for Africa, educate children in under sourced countries, cancer research projects, etc.

Purpose & Intent

Non-profit organization frauds can appear in multiple forms. Scammers can contact you via cold calls, anonymous texts, emails, crowdfunding platforms, social media posts, etc. These people start fake fundraising campaigns online to get more traction and funds. All the contributions they receive are then used for personal gains.

Not only is it a violation of trust, but an unethical way to manipulate emotions for ulterior motives. Always research these sources before sending your donations. This precautionary measure can ensure that your money goes to genuine non-profit funds.

Does this sound familiar? File a complaint against fraud to stop these criminals.

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