Fraud Trac

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Our Motto

Our Mission

We offer a platform that promotes safer consumer activity by means of reporting and reviewing frauds, scams and other malicious or dishonest business practices. Through this platform we can identify and report bad business behavior, and educate and protect the consumer. Users are also not limited to reporting bad business practices; we welcome reports of individuals as well as offline malicious behavior such as phone scams and mailing fraud.

In addition to providing an opportunity to report and review bad business behavior, we aim to raise awareness and education surrounding such practices. We release alerts on known scams, new developments in cybersecurity, and other business and safety news. These are all measures to expose and reduce the threat of malicious business practices, and help protect consumers against such.

All our services and use of our platform is free of charge and aimed at bringing a voice to the consumer.

Our Vison

A future where consumers can easily discern between trustworthy and dishonest/malicious businesses and offers, thanks to a platform of community reviews and reports